Dr. Shah definitely has an eye for aesthetics. I had never considered Botox until I spoke with her about her own experience. She has an amazing way of putting you at ease with her wealth of knowledge and information. The way she treated me, as if she were doing a procedure on a member of her own family, has me convinced  I will never leave my cosmetic care in another physician’s hands. --A.P. 

‘Dr. Shah has been one of my favorite physicians to work with. Not only is she skilled in her profession, but she takes the time to get to know and treat the entire person, not just the disease. She is caring, compassionate and truly takes the time to listen. All the while regaling you with her wonderful sense of humor. I guarantee you will leave your appointment feeling better than when you came in.’ - Hayley Kohake, RN, BSN

Dr Ami Shah performed Botox and cheek fillers on me. She is incredible. Her training as an oculoplastic surgeon gives her the most advanced superior skills in the field and it shows in her excellent outcomes. I am beyond happy with how natural my results look. Dr Shah was caring, compassionate, listened to me and treated me with so much warmth. She is definitely my provider of choice for any future aesthetic needs.--Dr. Judith Borger, fellow aesthetic medical specialist and expert injector (

Before I was treated by Dr. Shah, my face seemed to be hanging off the bones. I looked sad all the time because my mouth hung down at the corners and my eye lids sagged. The right side of my face was noticeably flatter than my left (because that's the side I usually sleep on). I looked 10 years older than my age. We all age, but to see my face droop uncontrollably, I was feeling deeply depressed for the first time in my life. I love that Dr. Shah followed the natural contours of my face and lips to add filler so the result was that I look like myself, but refreshed. She re-defined my lips and the philtrum so I had a curvy, Mona Lisa smile (not huge duck lips). She gave me a botox brow lift that opened up my eyes. I also got filler in my nasolabial folds and marionette lines. The best thing about Dr. Shah's treatment is that not only did she help me to look better, she helped me to feel good about myself again. Now, I can age gracefully--Jennifer Denton

Dr Shah has a great understanding of what it takes to make people feel beautiful inside and out. She seems to always bring s ray of sunshine into the room with her. She has performed many cosmetic procedures on me and I have never been disappointed by her work.--S.W.

Dr. Shah is amazing!! She is so caring and loves making you feel beautiful. She can really help you with the areas that need it the most!! If she is where you are go to her!! You will not regret it!!!--S.S.

Go Tox has been great for me. Being in the beauty business has a constant demand to stay up on your looks. Amy helped me accomplish this.Using skin care doesn't always cut the cookie.Ladies we half to do serious maintenance to keep things where they should stay. Amy does a wonderful job not only is she the best at what she does, but she puts her heart and soul in her work.She really sees you for the person with a heart and listens with true discernment on what we are wanting to achieve.If only there were more doctors in this industry that really cared about you like this all of the woman would just have more than a little help by Jesus angels. That is what you have done consistently for me in our several years.Thanks for using your true gifts of the hands and the heart in my life. GET ON BOARD there is no one better and who cares about you and your personal walk better than Go Tox. -AH

Please, no splitting or bringing your own products for injection.