Ophthalmic plastic surgeons treat a variety of eye problems. 

60 minute  new patient appointments are $349 


30 minute followup visits: 



Telephone/Televideo consultations


add-on procedures are priced below

per hourly charges are charged in 15 minute intervals

We offer a new platform and model of surgical eye care (ophthalmology) to the Bay Area. We emphasize maximizing ophthalmic care access, efficiency, affordability, and prevention using a transparent, fee for service model.   The current health care system is fragmented, broken, and inefficient.  We are different because even with self-pay discounts in the traditional office setting, you are paying hundreds of dollars for 10-15 minutes of chair time. We offer 60 minute new patient appointments/30 minute followup appointments, mobile health services and home care, a large menu of myriad noninvasive and invasive surgical procedures, with after hours emergency care which include the use of smart platforms like email, text, video, and Telehealth conferencing. 

  Though we do not file or bill your insurance, you may qualify for reimbursement from your insurance or hsa plans if you submit your claims (see footer for details)

Please note we do not have a mobile way for glasses and contact prescriptions.  We are an out of network entity on all insurance plans. payment is due on booking your reservation. please see footer for details.

Brown Eye Closeup

We can help drain large, unsightly styes or help you treat bumps and lumps around the eyelid.

Member: $99

NonMember: $299

Eyelid Lacerations

Most urgent care centers do not have an eyelid plastic surgeon available on call. Avoid the wait, and get sutured in the comfort of your own home or in our procedure room under local anesthesia. Includes 1 in person check and 2 post op video conference  check-ins. 

Member: $999

NonMember: $2750


Botox was first used for eyelid and facial spasms and eye crossing in the field of eye surgery before it was ever used for cosmetic reasons. An eye and face surgeon is keenly aware of the facial nerves and muscles and can help treat a wide variety of pain and facial spasm disorders.

If you do not have insurance, have a high deductible plan, or don't have coverage to cover your facial tics/ spasms or migraine,inquire about our services. See our sister website above for more information. 

Pricing varies and depends on units dosed; please see our Gotox unit calculator

Saggy | Droopy Eyelid Skin

Droopy eyelid skin can make you feel older beyond your years. They can make your eyes feel heavy and block light from entering your eye. Eyelid lifts can help open your eyes.  Our services include pick up and drop off to our procedure center. Includes one postop visit in person (at the setting of your choice)-- visit at 2 week and 2 video conference check ins. 


Out-turned | In-turned Eyelids

The eyelids protect our eye.  Problems like loose eyelids, eyelids turning inward causing the lashes to scratch the eye, and Bell's palsy can cause serious eye problems.


Constant tearing is annoying and irritating. It can be socially awkward when you are tearing and people think you are crying. We can help check why you are tearing. 

Itchy/Burny Eyes

Itchy, Burny eyes make your eyes feel sore and make you want to touch your face and eyes more than you are supposed to. Let us help your eyes feel fresh again. 

Red Eyes

Glaucoma Testing: 

Visual Field Testing: M $90 NM: $110

Gonioscopy M $50/NM $75 

Nerve Photographs: M$99/NM:$125

Nerve thickness Qunatification: M$60/NM:75

Angle OCT: M$60/NM75

Corneal Thickness Testing: M$20/NM$50


Eye pain can change the way you feel. It can affect your mood and  make you irritable. We can help lift your spirits by trying to help make the pain better. 

Please see our Dry eye and Eye Pain Page for Dry Eye Specific Procedures

Smiling Woman
Asian Eyelid Blepharoplasty

Asian Eyelid Anatomy is unique; An oculoplastic surgeon is devoted the the study of ethnic differences in eyelid and face anatomy. Please consider choosing an oculofacial plastic surgeon for your Asian Double Eyelid or Natural Asian Eyelid surgery.  We perform eyelid skin surgery under local anesthesia in our procedure room. 

Member: $4599

Nonmember: $5599

Comprehensive Eye Examinations
Conjunctival Biopsy

Biopsy for eyelid bumps, moles, skin tags,  or conjunctival tissue: 

Member: $999


Pathological Evaluation charged separately by pathology consultant.

Smiling medical team
Multi-Pack Visit

Use them how you want them. 

May be eligible for HSA or FSA coverage

3 visits (1 new patient exam and 2 followups: $650

3 visits (3 followups): $547

Option to advance purchase extra add on the same day of your new patient visit or last followup:


First Time Membership

For $175, a month

10% discount with prepaid annual membership


Cancel anytime  

Includes New patient visit

1 followup visit per quarter (3 free followups

Free Telemedical/Telelphone visits

Get access to discount procedure and medications.

See above

Comprehensive Eye Examinations
Need Major Surgery?

No insurance and scared of hospital pricing? 

As someone who offers direct ophthalmic pricing, we can help coordinate your care.

By negotiating and bargaining with hospitals upfront, I can help coordinate major eye or orbital surgeries  throughout the US.