I want mobile, concierge service, but I don't want you coming to my house? Can we meet elsewhere? 

YES! I can find a discrete, comfortable office space that would be convenient to your location. (This may have additional fees and charges as the general pricing reflects injections done in a readily available setting of your choice). 

What sort of patients does Gotox take? 

18+ adult patients. We do not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or creed so long as you are reasonable in your journey to seek aesthetic care. Patients with severe body dysmorphic disorder and unrealistic expectations will be declined.   We ask you to review our refund policy. We want our patients to review the consent for procedures they are interested in before our consultation, so we can talk in person about the risks benefits and alternatives.  We believe all patients have rights and responsibilities. 

I am a doctor/own a spa/hair salon/gym. I would like you to be the ophthalmologist and oculofacial plastic surgeon for my company? Can I contract with you? 

Yes, absolutely .Gotox is fully mobile and can practice in any location.  The California Medical Board has strict rules against fee-splitting and paying for patients. GOTOX will never pay anyone any amount of money for patients, but if you have an office, room , or space available and can rent it to us, we are happy to provide services to your clients.

Since we also provide price transparent pricing and subscription services to our regular medical care, we are happy to contract with companies. Lastly,  we are happy to reimburse time and material for a predetermined amount of marketing costs that you may incur with promoting a GOTOX event. 

How Long does BOTOX and XEOMIN work? 

They take 3 days to work, peak in about 3 weeks, and wear off by 3 months; Some people get up to 6 months of treatment, but its usually those people who have been getting injections regularly or don't have many wrinkles to begin with. 

Can I bring my own products for you to inject? 

NO. Also, I do not have an "injection fee only".