Dry eye & Eye Pain

D.E.E.P Clinic

A surgeon's motto:  form before function.

Restore the form and improve the function 

Botox & Fillers can help dry eye and eye pain by restoring the form to improve the function

Corneal Allodynia/Eye Pain is a form of trigeminal neuralgia

Your visit fee will go toward the purchase of any Botox/Xeomin/Filler for eye pain use. 

I could inundate you with the acres of research on dry eye and eye pain--the causes of the condition, the pathophysiology, and the various treatment options, etc . But, instead, I will tell you my own story. 

The pain and suffering of dry eyes is an experience I know all too well.  Burning, stinging, sandy, gritty, foreign body sensation, redness, blurry vision, eye fatigue, filmy/foggy vision is usually the stigma of severe dry eye. It can be debilitating for some; I have seen patients incapacitated from the pain.  I can't blame them. There have been times when I have turned to my husband and lamented that, if I wasn't an eye and face surgeon who spent years of my life studying and researching the complex mechanisms of dry eye and eye pain, I would find myself desperate enough to go to the emergency room, crying.


My own experience with dry eyes  has made keenly empathetic to the plight of others suffering from dry eyes. I have tried every drop, lubricant, plug,  and drug on the market. I know your frustrations. I know the challenges. I know how pain can  change you--can make you feel hopeless, helpless, and lost---and maybe even cranky and irritable .  

The condition is common, but I have found it rare for physicians to spend the much needed time  talking about and addressing the myriad causes of dry eye.  The good news is that Gotox is partnering with the  D.E.E.P  clinic, the Bay Area's first institution dedicated to study and specialty of dry eye and eye pain.  We are focused solely in this area of ophthalmic care, and have the ability and opportunity to spend time with our patients to ensure the most optimal outcomes. 

Fortunately, after using all the knowledge and resources I had  to help treat my own dry eye eye pain, , my eye pain is much better---especially after strategically injecting my own Botox and Filler.  For dry eye sufferers, we know there is no cure, but our goal is always to have more good days than bad.  So, if you were thinking that Botox and fillers are just about looking good (or only for women), think again.  


Selfie. In the morning after injecting myself the night before with 1cc of Restylane Lyft into each cheek.