Our Story



For years, I have been injecting my family and friends (and myself!) in the comforts of my home.


 My family and friends have had the luxury and privilege of avoiding the hassles associated with seeking services within traditional medical establishments.  After working in traditional medical establishments for years, I realized that the office setting did NOT offer a superior, concierge experience that I could not otherwise offer to patients within a mobile setting. Without the insane cost of a traditional brick and mortar setting in the Bay Area,  I can pass savings along to patients, while serving the greater role of social entrepreneurship. A portion of each sale goes to benefit a charitable cause. 

Not only can your aesthetic treatment help you look good, but you can feel good too!


  The freedom of mobile aesthetic care also brings with it the luxury of time to spend with patients. Moreover, with my mobile, concierge platform, my clients don't have to call a phone center, only to be put on hold, then transferred to medical staff, then hold again, then wait for a call back. I offer direct access at all time. I also offer flexible, nontraditional hours and work around your schedule.  No more waiting for the doctor, I'll wait for you. Lastly, the family and friends I treated in the comfort of the home were able to resume business as usual, without.  worries about who was going to see them or the discomfort or irritation of driving after a procedure in Bay Area traffic. GOTOX offers discreet, concierge, cosmetic treatments in the comfort of the setting of your own choosing. 

In the world of choices, misleading promotions, and aggressive marketing, GOTOX believes in truth for advertising.  We are a local, small business, and strive for client happiness.  We stand by patient safety.  With GOTOX, you will get the expertise of an eye and face plastic surgeon and a master injector to perform your procedures. Our surgeon has trained other plastic surgeons and physicians in the art of aesthetics, given lectures at the local and state levels, and is scheduled to speak at a national conference about the pearls and pitfalls of aesthetic injectables. 


 Whatever you decide or wherever you go,  please get to know your injector.